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Community Involvement

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  1. Community Involvement

We are vested in the communities in which we are working. We hire local firms and employees, we assign local professionals to leadership roles, and we invest in the growth of the communities and promote educational opportunities. Some examples of our community involvement on previous projects include:

  • Investing in a five-year grant to local schools through the National Math and Science Initiative.
  • Hosting students from the University of Texas at Arlington’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers onto the NTE job site.
  • Participating in the Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program, which provides college students the opportunity to secure and actively participate in internships that will provide them with viable employment experience.

The LBJ Express project was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award “Best Stakeholder Engagement” by PR Daily. 
SOURCE http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/13928.aspx#

Project Communication

We take a proactive approach to disseminating important information on the infrastructure projects especially information related to project plans, traffic control and lane closures.

Communication on our projects is managed through a comprehensive and modern approach that includes communicating construction updates and notices through a variety of social and traditional media such as Twitter, Facebook, the project website, blog, YouTube, weekly emails, Text messaging traffic alerts, news releases, community events, block walks to hand deliver construction notices, and meetings with community groups.

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