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Our Safety Program LIFE is a holistic approach to implementing Health & Safety best practices throughout our business – not only at work, but also at home.

  • Staff (average 2018): 900
  • IR: 0.55
  • LT: 0.00

Looking for an Incident Free Environment (LIFE) means that we are constantly designing fresh and innovative ways to train and remind our employees of best practices and where any decision affecting production, cost and time has to be taken within the context of safety, which is a non-negotiable value.

Ferrovial Agroman US & Canada works on the basis of a Safety Management System, which is OHSAS 18001 accredited.

All Ferrovial Agroman US & Canada sites conduct detailed risk assessments and implement suitable preventive measures. We provide the resources needed for each situation and make sure that our Risk Management System is properly followed and monitored. The improvements generated by the utilization of this system have led to achieving a lower incident rate than the construction industry average.

For each of our projects, we design a project-specific safety plan based upon our years of experience on similar projects. The plan is custom designed to consider project specific elements such as locale, climate, environment, scope, etc. We utilize our best practices and lessons learned from past experiences and apply the them to the safety plan. Our safety program is continually evolving, incorporating experiences to constantly enhance the safety of all employees and the traveling public.

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