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Gaining High-Speed Rail Momentum Design-build development partnership announced

Category: General / 20 October 2015

Gaining High-Speed Rail MomentumDesign-build development partnership announced

Two world-class design-build firms to provide work valued at $130 million for Texas’ high-speed rail project

Backers say commitment shows strong international interest

Project reaches 50% milestone in development capital

DALLAS Oct. 20, 2015 - A private group backing a high-speed rail line that will revolutionize travel in Texas has secured support from two world-class firms with extensive experience in Texas to conduct engineering and pre-construction work during the project’s ongoing development phase.

Texas Central Partners (Texas Central) announced today an agreement with Dallas to Houston Constructors (DHC), a joint venture between Archer Western Construction and Ferrovial Agroman US Corp. (FAUS), that will provide work valued by Texas Central at $130 million.

Texas Central initially heard from more than a dozen of the world’s largest design-build construction firms, a reflection of the increasing interest in developing and building the nation’s first true high-speed rail project along a 240-mile corridor in Texas. The selected firm’s demonstrated technical expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of high-speed rail, a history of results unparalleled in rail operations and significant construction experience in Texas.

The agreement marks a key step in advancing the proposed high-speed passenger train between North Texas and Houston and underscores the attention the project is attracting from companies interested in having a role its development.

Combined with the $75 million in capital raised from private Texas-based investors previously announced in July, DHC’s in-kind commitment means Texas Central has secured more than $200 million in capital and work product. That’s halfway to the approximately $400 million needed to be committed to the project before moving onto the final construction phase.

DHC has no equity or ownership stake in the project and will not be involved in landacquisition. Its work will be focused on engineering, cost-estimation and construction-related activities and not as the project’s developer.

DHC shares Texas Central's commitment to innovative efforts that provide maximumbenefit to Texas. As such, during the life of the project, DHC will focus on hiring otherTexas talent to complete the design and engineering, emphasizing its work with smallbusinesses and minority, women and veteran-owned companies.

Archer Western has subcontracted more than $750 million to D/M/WBE firms in Texas.They were also awarded DART’s First Annual Diversity Award for its excellence in smalland minority firm inclusion.

FAUS has received numerous awards for its partnerships with small and minority-ownedbusinesses, including Texas Department of Transportation’s Office of Civil Rights SmallBusiness Advocacy Award in 2013. It has met or exceeded Disadvantaged BusinessEnterprise goals on its Texas projects, with more than $500 million in DBE subcontractsin recent years.


From Tim Keith Chief Executive Officer, Texas Central Partners

“The business venture pairs the best in global high-speed rail construction expertisewith the values of a century old family-owned American business -- and builds onyears of success in Texas. Both companies possess a deep understanding inresources for an undertaking of this magnitude.”

“This team is capable of handling the engineering and design work, cost estimationand pre-construction analyses required in this current phase of the project that willestablish the basis for an on-time and on-budget delivery.”

From Daniel Walsh, President, Archer Western

“High-speed rail will provide a safe and comfortable alternative to highway-and-airtravel. Texas Central has the vision and the plan to provide an incredible resource forTexans and to complement the state’s booming economy. We are excited to beaffiliated with this project and this great success."

From Ignacio Vivancos, Managing Director, FAUS

“This is an exceptional opportunity to take part in a project of the highest quality,deserving of world-class expertise.”

From Daniel Filer, Vice President of Business Development, FAUS

“The project ultimately will reduce travel time, improve travel safety, increaseefficiency and enhance regional connections, all of which are critical for theeconomic growth of the region.”


Texas Central Partners is a private, Texas-based company that will develop the high-speed passenger railway and associated facilities. Texas Central and its affiliated entitieswill be responsible for the system’s design, finance, construction, operation andmaintenance.

Archer Western, with a Texas regional office for 21 years, is a member of the Walshfamily of companies, a 117-year old American family-owned business group, with morethan a decade of rail experience in Texas. It is the largest bridge builder in the U.S. andthe fourth largest domestic transportation contractor.

Archer Western’s work has included more than $1.1 billion in Texas rail projects in thelast ten years and its Texas regional office has completed more than $3 billion in heavycivil construction projects.

Locally, it managed more than 200 subcontractors in the DART Green Line light rail andDCTA commuter rail expansions, a $1.1 billion program that included 47 miles of transitrail, 26 stations, and two new maintenance facilities.

Ferrovial Agroman, with its North American headquarters in Austin, is a globalcontractor, with a strong Texas presence and vast high-speed rail experience, includinghaving built 25 percent of the Spanish high-speed rail network.

It’s handled some of the country’s largest, most complex transportation projects.Among them in Texas: completing the $2.1 billion LBJ Express managed lanes projectahead of schedule, and the $1.45 billion North Tarrant Express Segments 1 & 2, whichopened nearly nine months ahead of the contracted completion date.

It has expertise designing and constructing every element of a high-speed rail project –including track embankments, viaducts, roadway overpasses/underpasses, stations andmaintenance facilities.

Through its extensive high-speed railroad construction, Ferrovial Agroman hasdeveloped several innovative and patented technologies related to construction meansand methods, boosting production, quality, and safety standards. Since 1992, it hasconstructed 450 miles of high-speed rail in regions with similar terrain and geology toTexas.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please visit www.texascentral.com or contact:

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